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Creating a Shopify development store on your local machine involves a few steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a partner account: Visit the Shopify Partners website and sign up for a new account. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself or your business.
  2. Create a new development store: Once you have a partner account, you can create a new development store. Go to your partner dashboard, click on ‘Stores’ in the left-hand menu, then click ‘Add Store’. You’ll then need to fill in some details about the store, like its name and the password you want to use.
  3. Install Shopify CLI on Your Computer: Shopify CLI is a command-line interface tool that assists in generating and managing Shopify themes, apps, and custom storefronts.

💡 Requirement:

  • Node.js version 18.16.0 or higher: To install Node.js, go to this link and follow the instructions provided for your operating system:

  • Git version 2.28.0 or higher: To install Git, follow the instructions provided in this link, tailored to your operating system:

Git – Installing Git

  • Ruby Version 2.7.5 or higher: For Ruby, you can refer to the table below based on your operating system:

Linux: apt

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt install curl gcc g++ make

sudo apt install ruby-full

sudo apt install ruby-dev
# Ruby development environment

sudo apt install git

Linux: yum

sudo yum install curl

sudo yum group install "Development Tools"
# Includes GCC, g++, and Make

sudo yum install ruby
sudo yum install ruby-devel
# Ruby development environment

sudo yum install git


Install Ruby+Devkit 3.0 using <>
Select the MSYS2 component and the MSYS2 base installation option

macOs: brew

brew install ruby


  1. Installation: Select the package that is already installed on your computer: npm npm install -g @shopify/cli yarn yarn global add @shopify/cli | pnpm pnpm install -g @shopify/cli | homebrew # Only for macOS brew tap shopify/shopify brew install shopify-cli | Once all the steps have been completed, go into your terminal or command line and type the following command: shopify version And you will receive a response like this: Current Shopify CLI version: 3.60.1 💡 Version 3.61.2 available! Once you receive this update, you can begin programming your next theme locally. Afterward, you can publish the changes for the public or your clients to view. If the update isn’t received, please repeat the steps and try again.